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What is BoardMago?

BoardMago is a unique cloud application that helps a Board of Directors manage its association's business by providing a rich set of management tools and collaboration services for all Board constituents… the president, secretary, treasurer and all other members and guests.

BoardMago allows the Board to efficiently manage the association's business operations, and to communicate and collaborate with all Board members and guests through posted messages, sharing of documents, interactive text chat, and even through audio/video calls.


Why use BoardMago?

BoardMago empowers Boards to oversee their operations, streamline their performance and improve Board member satisfaction.

  • Facilitate the overall Management of the Board... create meeting agendas online; post notices; record minutes; online/remote audio/video Board meetings
  • Securely execute the Financial Management responsibilities of the Board... create budgets; track transactions in a journal and account ledger; create financial statements
  • Enhance the Board member experience… easy access to the Board officials; Board announcements and message board; Association directory - chat and meet with any member

BoardMago is still currently in Beta Trial. By registering and using the site you agree to the Terms of Service.

BoardMago Features

Meeting Management

Provide the Board of Directors with the tools and templates to help manage their meetings, share documents, hold online video meetings, and record them.

Financial Management

Provide the Board Treasurer with the tools and templates to help create Budgets, Financial Statements, and Reserve Studies.

Committees & Teams

Executive, Finance and Governance Committees. Establish additional ad hoc Committees and Teams as needed.

Consolidated Oversight

Provide the Board Manager and Executive Committee with a holistic picture of the activities of the Board and all Committees.


Allow the Board Manager to efficiently post announcements (e.g. meeting cancellation) to the Board members and guests.

Store & Share Documents

Securely store and share legal documents, insurance documents, meeting minutes, and financial documents.

Safe & Secure

Layers of security keep all your collaboration private and safely stored in the cloud.

Communicate & Collaborate

Facilitate communication between all Board members and guests. Text chat, audio/video meetings, share screen, record meetings.

BoardMago Pricing

Association Managers
Board Members & Guests

Managed Board Collaboration

Meeting Management

Financial Management

Online / Remote Meetings

Member Governance

Collaboration Features include...

Real Time Chat

Voice and Video Chat Messages

Multi Party Team Conference Meetings

Recording and Playback of Meetings

Screen Sharing

Secure Authentication with MFA

Android and iOS Apps

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